Arnold Classic Europe 2017 - the European event for fitness and bodybuilding.
Arnold Classic Europe 2017 - the European event for fitness and bodybuilding.
Arnold Classic Europe 2017 gathered professional bodybuilders and fitness amateurs together to share experience!

Arnold Classic Europe is an event in the world of bodybuilding and sports in Europe that has been taking place for 7 years.

This year, the location was inBarcelona - Spain, and its duration was three days – 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September.

The hall Fira Gran Via offered its visitors a 40, 000 sq.m halls.

As the tradition demands, a special guest of Arnold Classic Europe 2017 was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who could not get away from his fans.

The visitors had the opportunity to view all the products of leading nutrition and sports accessories companies, as well as personally consult with specialists.

Among all stands, Haya Labs stood out with its unique design.

It was one of the most intended stand at this event – by amateurs and professional athletes. People were interested about the products of Haya Labs brand , moreover – they took advantage of our experienced representatives.

There were 10-category competitions prepared -  Men`s bodybuilding”, “Men`s cclassic bodybuilding”, “Men`s physique”, “Muscular men`s physique”, “Men`s fitness”, “Women`s fitness”, “Women`s wellness”, “Women`s physique”, “Women`s bikini fitness”and“Women`s bodyfitness”.

 In the varied program were included more than 40 other competitions in sports categories, such as: volleyball, ice skating, judo, jump rope, arm wrestling, taekwondo, powerlifting and even cheerleaders!

Arnold Classic Europe 2017`s special “Bodybuilding & Men`sPhysique Show” included 32 participants, but the supercup was only one and was won by Mamdouh Elssbiay.
The exhibition included over 124 companies, offering a wide range of products from the fitness & supplements world.
Haya Labs was pleased to be part of this big event!
See you next year!

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