Benefits of having a cheat day
Benefits of having a cheat day
If we are set on the path of constant self improvement, it is important to follow a strict plan of diet and physical activity, which allows us to closely monitor our progress and help us successfully manage our everyday obligations without neglecting self care. But everyone knows that devotion to a healthy lifestyle can also be very stressful and the surprising solution to this problem is having a cheat day. Allowing yourself to have a time off from your strict graphic is an essential step that should not be judged nor dismissed as unnecessary.


A day of indulgence is extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping the motivation levels high. First and foremost – a short break from your daily routine will help you appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. Having a small reward is always a good way to keep yourself interested and excited about the regime you follow. A study conducted by Journal of Consumers Psychology proved that choosing too restrained diet plan with no options for mistakes is more likely to make you quit. On the other hand scheduling a specific day for enjoying one’s favorite foods helps people staying focused on the end goal.


Most nutritionists are generally in favor of cheat days because they speed up weight loss. How does that happen? When your body gets used to getting low calorie intake it comes up with strategies for saving energy, one of them is slowing down metabolism. Logically if you suddenly eat more than usual your cells have no other option, but to catch up with the new situation and quicken digestive processes. When you return to your regular healthy diet you will burn more calories than before. Depending on your diet and weight it may take only one cheat meal not a whole day to ensure this positive result.

When you shouldn’t do it

Despite the benefits of having some time off, there are certain occasions when it is not acceptable and will do more harm than good. It is never a clever decision to cheat your diet in order to escape stress. Using eating as a way to make yourself feel better is a recipe for addiction, especially when it comes to junk food. Also, it is not wise to cheat your regimen because of social pressure. It is true that staying focused on following healthy lifestyle could potentially become a problem if you friends and family are not supportive of your choices. But instead of having a break from your goals, try to be an inspiring example for those around you.

Final words

In conclusion: if you have cheat day for the wrong reasons it will most likely last longer than needed or turn into a dangerous pattern. Always schedule your time for indulgence, make sure you have a ready plan in mind for quick recovery and most of all: don’t forget to have fun – after all this is the whole point of a cheat day!.
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