Best anti-aging menu for your skin!
Best anti-aging menu for your skin!
No one can deny the multiple benefitsfrom using the right cosmetic products, but if we want to achieve a youthful and fresh look long term – we should also pay close attention to what we eat. Diet plays an important role in every single aspect of our life and skin care is no exception to this rule.


Let’s start with the most obvious factor – drinking enough water on a daily basis is crucial for your skin health and appearance. Regular water intake helps the liver and the kidneys expel harmful compounds and toxins. High levels of toxicity speed up the process of aging and can cause acne outbursts.

Any beauty guru will tell you that hydrated skin has a natural glow and fine lines and wrinkles are less visible due to drinking enough water.  There are many studies with different conclusions on just how much water a healthy person should drink .The appropriate amount is dependent on many conditions such as body weight and diet. The “golden rule” of eight full glasses every day most definitely doesn’t apply for everyone. We think the best approach is following your own specific needs and listening to what your body is telling you.

Vitamin C

There is no way to talk about skin care and forget to mention vitamin C. Not only it contributes to overall healthy by boosting the immune system, but its ability to eliminate toxins is extremely beneficial for all sorts of skin related issues. Many cosmetic products include this important vitamin in their content specifically because of its proven anti -age properties.

Vitamin C helps with collagen synthesis within the body which reduces fine lines and improves the elasticity of skin tissue.  Contrary to popular belief citrus fruit are not the food with highest content of Vitamin C. This doesn’t mean that you should throw out lemons and oranges out of your daily food intake, but it won’t be a bad idea to include more bell peppers – both green and red, kiwi, broccoli, papaya and strawberries.


Highly regarded as one of the healthiest foods in general, avocado also slows down aging processes and leaves the skin with a supple and fresh look. Avocados also contain vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant, but it also supplies the skin with a good amount of vitamin E: a fat-soluble compound, famous for its ability to protect skin cells from free radicals. Regular consumption of these fruits also helps improving skin’s softness, eliminates small wrinkles and fights inflammation due to the high contain of monounsaturated fatty acids.

There are plenty of cosmetic products (for both skin and hair) with avocado based formulas and there are also plenty of homemade masks you can use to improve the state of your skin, but ultimately the best way to induce a positive change in the long run is to include avocado in your menu. Besides being extremely healthy, this fruit also has a pleasant neutral taste.

Collagen is the most prominent protein in the human body, it is found in skin, muscle, bone and joint tissue. Unfortunately as we age, collagen synthesis slows down which leaves the skin wrinkled and far less elastic. Aside from being rich in all sorts of nutrients such as vitamins A and D, eggs are excellent source of pure collagen, which is found both in the egg white and yolk. Furthermore consumption of eggs supplies all tissues with important amino acids necessary for protein production within the body.

Also, the iron, contained in eggs helps maintaining healthy oxygen levels in skin cells. Just like with avocados, both white and yolk can be used in homemade beauty recipes, but consumption is the only way to fix the problem in its core. Also, when directly applied on skin, egg white can have extremely drying effect. Please keep in mind that when it comes to eggsconsumption – moderation is the key to a healthy result!
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