Dimethylglycine: the best way to deal with stress.
Dimethylglycine: the best way to deal with stress.
Dimethylglycine is an amino acid that has been misclassified as a vitamin only until recent years. It’s a small molecule that has strong properties against stress and lack of energy, as well stimulates the immune system in an unbeatable way.

Dimethylglycine has been known since 1974 and is used as a dietary supplement, mainly to stimulate brain function. In the body it plays the role of an intermediate metabolite, which means that it quickly breaks down into useful nutrition’s once absorbed by the body.

In the modern world, stress is number one reason for many diseases and poor quality of life. That’s why the intake of dimethylglycine is extremely good not only in short but also in the long run. This is because of his ability to fight the stress in a very powerful way. It helps to reduce the levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. It also promotes restful sleep and increases the energy levels. It has positive effect on the mood and has some mild antidepressant properties.

Stress has powerful impact on the immune system. That’s why the intake of dimethylglycine has such a strong immunostimulant properties. It protects the body from the most common viruses and bacteria’s and cant stimulate the production of valuable cells for people with immune deficiency. The difference between dimethylglycine and other immunostimulators is that he works on a cellular level, boosting immunity in a unbeatable way. 

In a way we can say that dimethylglycine acts as an anti-aging supplement, because it reduces stress and protects the cardiovascular system. It has also strong antioxidant effect and lowers the negative impact of the free radicals, thus protecting the cells from aging. Dimethylglycine stimulates the metabolism and regulates the DNA cell repair, because of his ability to influence the production of important hormones and nutrients. 

In conclusion we can say that dimethylglycine is often an underestimated nutritional supplement that deserves a chance in our daily lives due to its many positive properties.

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