Is a healthy lifestyle expensive - myth or truth?
Is a healthy lifestyle expensive - myth or truth?
The main excuse, when it comes to healthy eating, is always that it is much more expensive than junk foods. However, the myth known to many turned out to be completely wrong.
Preparing food at home takes time, which nowadays most working people do not have. When we eat street food, we are at risk of obesity.

Junk food is often preferred by people who have financial difficulties. The most common reason to choose a pizza, hot dog, or burger is the price. Advertisements of noxious foods are all around us, and their main task is to tempt the consumer with its inexpensiveness.
However, the balance is quite different and is in favor of a healthy diet.
The content of most of the harmful foods is frightening for both nutritionists and amateur athletes. Most "fast" foods are high in salt and sugar, which give these foods an appetizing taste. The carbohydrates in them are also in huge quantities, which increase insulin in the body for a short time. Once the insulin dependence passes, the body wants an extra serving of harmful food.

The insulin peak is one of the natural processes in the body. During a meal, we trigger blood sugar levels, which are converted into a person. Then we join during the rest of the day the level of insulin in the blood satellite gradually, and the energy of this is enough. Then the so-called stored glycogen fits in glucose, which takes some time.
I mean we consume the so-called street foods that have kept this process going by making an insulin 'hit'. Then we "attacked", which are exactly combined sharply lowers blood sugar and faster-creating hunger and default.
Junk food causes serious damage to the body - it damages the heart, leads to depression, constant hunger, fatigue, rising levels of bad cholesterol, and obesity.

The harmful influence of the so-called "Fast food" is the reason why in the last few years there has been a lot of media coverage of healthy eating. In public, more and more influencers have begun to set a good example by eating healthily, exercising actively, and showing the true impact of good food.
When you decide to eat healthily, you should keep in mind that cooking meat and fish is more expensive. However, this does not mean that you cannot get the necessary substances from other foods such as vegetables.

Healthy food is many times cheaper for those on a budget than street food. For example, roasted vegetables on a grill pan, with a little fat, would cost you about 3-4 BGN for 4 servings, while a burger is priced between 5 and 7 BGN.
A portion of vegetables is 84,37 kcal per 100 g, of which 2,76 g. of protein, 1,91 g.  of fat, and 12,47 g. of carbohydrates. Vegetables are high in zinc and magnesium, which are very important for maintaining the immune system.They also contain high levels of fiber, which in turn lowers blood glucose levels, normalize the heart rate, and lowers bad cholesterol levels. The situation with burgers is different - 100 g of chicken burger contains 263,15 kcal, of which 8,90 g.of protein, 16,84 g. of fat, and 20,49 g.  of carbohydrates.

Another example of cheap and healthy offerings is lentils, beans, and chickpeas. They are the perfect solution when you want to eat for little money and stay full for a long time.
An example of a cheap, tasty, and healthy dish is lentil stew, whose calories per 100 g are 70,75 kcal., of which 4,03 g. of protein, 1,81 g. of fat, and 8,54 g. of carbohydrates.

Compared to it, however, 100 g of everyone's favorite pizza contains 226,10 kcal, of which 12,75 g. of protein, 11,81 g. of fat, and 16,59 g. of carbohydrates.
Proper nutrition is of great importance for health, and the price of food alone should not stop people from eating well. And the myth that healthy food is expensive, which has stopped people from eating right for years, is pure fabrication.
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