Social distance against COVID19!
Social distance against COVID19!
Because of the booming pandemic from Coronavirus, there is increasing talk regarding social distance. But do you know what that really is and why is so important. We at HAYA LABS decided to help you with some useful information.
With the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak around the world, many countries have taken exceptional security measures, one of which is social distance. It is extremely important as the transmission of the virus in a huge percentage of cases is direct contact or touching the surface that infected person has touched. This is why it is absolutely essential that we comply with it right now, as this is how we personally contribute to reducing the spread of the virus.
Since the virus has a certain length of time during which it can survive outside the body, while maintaining social distance, we do not allow its rapid spread among human populations. The fewer contacts, the less opportunity for infection. This is a motto that is extremely important to keep.
This is also the reason many public places, such as malls, restaurants and gyms, temporarily cease operations. Unfortunately, those are the places were big groups of people gather around. And this is a particularly huge risk for the rapid transmission of the virus and the infection of many people at the same time.
One of the most important things about social distance is preventing a large group of people from getting sick at the same time. This is extremely important for the work of the healthcare facilities, thus managing to facilitate their work without compromising the capacity and the corresponding quality of treatment.
HAYA LABS calls on everyone, obey the regulations and limit your contacts to a minimum. In case you need to go to a store or pharmacy, always stay at least 1.5 meters away from each other. The more people who meet these requirements, the faster the spread of COVID 19 will stop and we will all live our normal lives again.
Be responsible!
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