Trends to watch in 2016
Trends to watch in 2016

 According to recent research in 2016 the food supplement sector will emerge as a force to be reckoned with, judging from its impact on the health, food and cosmetics markets as well. It sets new standards in the production processes, the manufacturing practices and consumer’s habits. Here we will try to outline and comment on some of these new trends which you can expect to see dominating the market in the next 12 months.

1.       Local, Sustainable and Pure Products with Corresponding Labels

 The year will kick off with special attention to the production processes. This will incorporate local based services and products, sustainable manufacturing practices and pure raw materials whose quality will be evident on the label. The ‘free from’ label will stay a top priority when it comes to leading principles in 2016.

 Another principle to take into consideration concern what would have been considered waste material or byproducts. In line with sustainability concerns scraps have been incorporated with more or less success into products. Some of these include the new gluten-free flours which stand out thanks to their rich fiber profile- grape seed flour, banana flour, coffee flour, to name a few.

 Grape seed flour, for instance, has been the subject of many trials which have documented its benefits for the organism in regulating high blood pressure. Banana flour has rich nutritional values and is starch-based which makes it very useful for baking. Coffee flour, meanwhile, makes another example of gluten-free flour which can be used in sweets.

2.       Alternative, Plant-based Protein

  Meat free protein started out as an alternative to the traditional animal-based one for vegetarians and vegans. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular and with a wider target audience too. The most popular representatives of this group include grain proteins- rice, soy and pea. They are hypoallergenic and easier on the stomach in contrast with the traditional ones and the high demand has resulted in a search for new plant sources.

 One of these new sources is the exotic food jackfruit which grows in India, Thailand and Vietnam. It has an outstanding profile made up of protein and starch. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and slowly-digested sugars which makes it easy on the metabolism.

3.       Interest in Good Health

 2016 sees an even greater interest in alternative medicine which is reflected in the diversity of food supplement products and companies on the market which influence other areas too. Active compounds are now used as ingredients in cosmoceutical products like creams and drinks. One example includes the renouned adaptogenic mushrooms like chaga, cordyceps and reishi. They have pronounced antioxidant and immunostimulating qualities which now enter the formulas of skin care creams, beverages and soups.  

4.       More HPP products

 Following in the lines of food supplements other products like beverages take on the cold-pressed manufacturing practices and replace heat processes with high pressure to preserve their nutritional qualities. Those include nut milks at present but are looking to expand to more and more products.

5.       Medium-Chain Triglycerides

 Medium-Chain Triglycerides continue the trend of healthy fats preference. Typically found in coconut kernels, olive oil and food supplements they promote weight loss and a healthy metabolism. Nowadays they are found more and more often in ready-to-go products of the likes of beverages, smoothies and energy bars.

6.       Anti-inflammatory products

 Finally, as part of the ‘Good Health’ trend consumers seem to be interested in anti-inflammatory products and actively seek out the best solutions to their needs on the food supplement market. The health sector has also taken notice of this demand and seeks to incorporate more anti-inflammatory agents in products on the market. Some of the most sought after compounds includeomega-3 acids, black seed and algae. According to the research, natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol are set to become a preferred alternative to sugar.

 Source: http://goo.gl/S3N0dg
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