Why it is important to take protein powder?
Why it is important to take protein powder?
One of the most important food supplements which round up the menu of every athlete, professional and amateur is protein, the active compound and building block of muscles. It is known to help with weight management as well as skin, bone and muscle health. During high-intensity training, the body exhausts its resources and needs to ‘feed’ on protein to battle fatigue and energy demands. This is where adequate protein supplies can be used to accelerate the metabolic processes which shape the body by accentuating the muscle mass and dealing with the unnecessary body mass in an effective manner.

Some people discredit this need or find it difficult to supply their organism with sufficient protein. This can be attributed to the predominance of animal-based protein formulas on the market like whey, beef, poultry which cannot fulfill the needs of vegetarian or vegan consumers as well as people with special requirements. These include allergies, intolerances or just wish to cut down on their daily sugar intake. In the following article we will present several protein products recommended for vegetarians, vegans or people with special dietary regimes:

  • 100% All Natural Rice Protein/Unflavoured - This product has a certified 100% natural plant origin. It is based on organic brown rice and doesn’t have any additives, be it artificial flavours or sweeteners. It is designed to meet the needs of hypoallergenic people and on top of that has a good absorption by the organism.

  • 100% Pure All Natural Whey Protein/Stevia - This product is a high-quality whey protein product whose sole sweetener is the organic plant Stevia. Other than that it is a pure product without any artificial components which supplies the organism with enough protein for building a healthy and visible physique. On top of that, it has high bioavailability and digestibility.


  • 100% All Natural Pea Protein Isolate/Unflavoured - The basis of this protein is pea which is known as one of the best vegetable proteins on the market. This product is rich in methionine and arginine which aid the organism in building muscle mass. Other benefits of taking pea protein include weight regulation and weight loss in particular. Its formula contains no fats and has 1 gr carbs per dose. What is more, the absorption is increased to over 90%.

  •  100% Soy Protein Isolate/Non-GMO - We recommend this product to those who wish to choose an organic product of vegetable origin. 100 % Soy Protein Isolate is a non-GMO product characterized as the top plant product with the highest biological value and excellent amino acid profile. There are no artificial sweeteners save for Stevia. Another benefit to soy proteins is their ability to keep the heart in a good shape and decrease the blood lipid levels in the organism.


  • 100% All Natural Whey Protein / Organic Cacao Another 100% pure whey product. It has quick and easy absorption. It accelerates the recovery and provides all you need for to be in top physical condition. Its formula contains a minimal amount of carbs and fats. The taste is natural.


Now that you have had a look you can make your choice and pick the best protein formula for you! Supplement your regime with enough protein intake and you will soon reap the benefits of having not only a good looking and healthy body, inside out.

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