10 techniques for a healthy and clean skin
10 techniques for a healthy and clean skin
10 techniques for a healthy and clean skin
If you haven’t stopped your workout in the gym since last summer, the time to take off your clothes on the beach and to show off the “ad” has come. Everything looks more attractive, when it is offered in a sleek package, doesn’t it? This also applies in full force for your muscles - the skin is their package and if it looks good, the muscle mass will be even more attractive. Imagine how you walk, showing the relief of your body “dressed up” in a lean skin with a pleasant tan among a crowd of hairy, pale, and pimpled “Apolloniuses”. Allover, the looks of chicks in bathing suits will run through your body like sunrays!
We prepared 10 easy techniques to give the best to your skin and cause attraction that will be similar to what the lamp is for a butterfly.
The secret is not in the deodorant.
1. Use an electric shaver
In comparison with “one-day appliances”, the electric shaver is considerably less irritating the skin and leaves it soft and refreshed, without any wounds. The shaving itself is much faster and many men state that there is no more ingrown hair - as this leads to awful pustules that directly terminate woman’s desire to fall on your neck.

2. Eat a balanced diet
If you are interested in bodybuilding, perhaps, you have stopped long ago to hang around the fast-food points for fish and fries. And if your dream is a beautiful skin and you still haven’t give up the gastronomy feeling, then there is no escape, you have to decide - the fish or the chicks.
Fatty types of food slow down blood circulation, which leads to pale and exhausted skin. That’s why you have to eat vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers - they will purify the body from toxins, which will have a positive impact on the skin and other organs. You should also avoid diuretics - the last thing you need in the heat is to dehydrate. And something else - limit the meat. Digestion takes time and blows the stomach. You can supply the body with enough proteins if you substitute one of the “meat” meals with a protein shake or bar, or other sources as banana and cottage cheese. If you care about calories and building a mass - we are sorry, you have mistaken the season. During summer, it is the best to “clean”, so the lightening of your diet will help a lot in this direction.

3. Use exfoliants
Exfoliant creams clean the dead skin and pore occlusion all over your face and neck. During summer, when you copiously perspire, this becomes a tangible problem. That’s why clean your skin with an exfoliant during the day and you will see how it will become tighter and irresistible.

4. Use aftershave and moisturizing cream
Or in the ideal case - a product that is a combination of aftershave and moisturizer. Deodorant form the time of your grandpa could have quite a good smell but awfully dries the skin. That’s why put some cream or balsam after shave and don’t be shy when girls try to tweakyour smooth skin. Start tweaking them too!
5. Use beach sunscreen
Even, if you already have sunburn
You always have to protect the deep layers of your skin from the harmful sun radiation. If you walk all day long on the beach without a sunscreen, you’ll get the single prize “Mister Sunburn II stage”. The prize - you are too sunburned, you feel a lot of pain, and there are no chances of having sex. Exactly like in high school!
The market is full with sunscreen creams and sprays, including tan powder - however, it is important to know that the artificial tan doesn’t protect the skin. Once again, the sun protecting factor, SF 15 absorbs up to 96% of ultraviolet light and thus it is the safest option to start with.
6. Move
Move the blood in your body! Even though you may feel quite reluctant to visit the gym during holydays, move a little outside and supply the skin with oxygen. This will revive it and make you look refreshed.
7. Sleep
The secret of models has been no secret any more, and for quite a long time. The good sleep is the most underestimated tactic for maintaining a healthy skin. During sleep time, when your muscles recover after the workout, your skin is regrouping the cells for the next sweltering day. Plan your program in a way that you could take a nap during all time without any regrets later that you had to do something important but instead preferred to snooze.

8. Wash your face
Well, we’re not going to teach you how to do it, but want to remind that if you wash the face after wake up and before going to bed with cleaning cosmetic products, this will maintain the cleanliness and hydration of your skin. Use warm water instead of hot. If you perspire a lot during workout and don’t wash your face enough, your skin could have a rash - and we have already mentioned the pimples.
9. Drink water
And while we talk about hydration - drink water! The water is life. You need it in every moment. We don’t say to avoid any other drinks, but water is what your whole body needs, and the skin is no exception. Here, we have to warn you about the necessity to choose your cosmetics very carefully, so to avoid any skin dehydration and thus to achieve the anti-effect. Don’t smoke! Smoking as a whole doesn’t have any place in a healthy lifestyle (well, one cigarette in the evening, from time to time, also has its advantages), because it makes the skin turn yellow and leads to wrinkles.
10. Take care of the whole body!
Use a suitable douche gel and products. Soap dries the skin, we don’t recommend it except the anti-bacterial for washing hands. Men’s pores are bigger and thus hold more dirt, so don’t steal from your partner’s cosmetics but instead choose a product especially made for men.
Good luck with taking care of your skin. We’ll see each other on the beach!.
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