8 benefits from morning workouts
8 benefits from morning workouts
The best time for training will always be what is most comfortable for you. However, training at 9 pm is better than no workout. But morning training has some interesting and meaningful benefits and is, therefore, more recommended than evening exercises.

Here are 8 of the benefits of the morning workout, which (hopefully) will convince you that the best way to start your day is with some nice exercises:

1. You will take less unnecessary calories during the day

It is quite logical to think that morning workout would actually have the opposite effect. However, as soon as the 300-500 calories forest is in the morning, why not reward yourself with a few extras during the day. Interestingly, according to one study, morning training actually diminishes appetite and makes food less tempting.

For the purpose of the study, scientists observed the brain activity of female volunteers who looked at photographs of food and flowers (the second serving for a control test). The women who had trained 45 minutes in the morning were less impressed with the cravings of the pictures than the women who had not trained. And most importantly, women in the first group did not consume more food during the day than the second group.

2. Be more active all day morning training will inspire you to remain active throughout the day.

According to the same study, people who trained in the morning were more active and in general.

3. Will you burn more calories?

Do you have breakfast before a workout or do not have breakfast? This is the issue that has been discussed in the fitness forums for decades. Some say breakfast will give you more energy, so you can train longer, but according to a British study of 2013, training on an empty stomach burns up to 20% more fat.

4. Reduce Blood Pressure

In another study, scientists made several groups of participants to run on the trail for 30 minutes. Different groups ran at different times of the day at 7:00, 13:00 and 19:00. Those running in the morning reduced their blood pressure by 10%.

A drop that continued throughout the day and even reached 25% at night. Most heart attacks happen early in the morning, so scientists think morning training for good heart attack prevention.

5. You'll sleep better

Did you ever get to work out at 8 pm and then feel too excited to fall asleep? There is a connection between the two. Better sleep is a privilege for the trainees early in the morning because training increases body temperature and stimulates the whole body, and this will prevent you from falling asleep.
On the other hand, morning training leads to a deeper, longer and better sleep when you finally get to bed after 15 hours or more.

6. Protect you from diabetes

Morning workouts on an empty stomach protect you from the development of insulin resistance that very often passes into type 2 diabetes. In a study, the researchers found that participants who had exercised in the morning for fasting in the morning, becoming more sensitive to insulin and showing better tolerance to glucose, plus no weight gain, unlike the other group that carbohydrates before and during the workout.

7. Easier to build up muscles

In the morning, testosterone levels are the highest, making mornings the perfect time for strength training. Then you will gain muscle mass more easily and efficiently.

8. Morning Training Easier to Become a Habit

According to a recent study, the most regular trainees are those who manage to turn the exercise into a habit. If you wake up early and your first task is to visit the gym or run into the park, before the rest of the world will ask for something from you, it will soon become a habit and a routine.

It's much easier to miss the evening workout because your girlfriend called you unexpectedly to have coffee, or you suddenly got out of office.

Choose the morning workouts and soon they will become your daily routine, and so do all the benefits of regular sports - increased immunity, longevity and a better mood..
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