Benefits of Black walnut
Benefits of Black walnut
Black Walnut is commonly grown wild across Northern America and has being associated from centuries with their strong health benefits and antioxidant effects. They contain 3 main components that are extremely beneficial to the human body: phenolic compounds, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fat. As well they are packed with vitamin B and other important nutrients.

Benefit heart and cardiovascular health

Black walnut contains important nutrients that are extremely beneficial to the heart and whole cardiovascular system. Most importantly, black walnut is packed with omega 3 amino-acids that improve heart condition and lower the risk factors such as bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. It contains as well arginine, that once it enters the body, turns in nitric oxide.

Improves skin condition

Black walnut is rich in antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids and has a huge impact over the condition of the skin. It’s a great tool against psoriasis and eczema. It clears the skin from any irregularities and acne.

Antibacterial properties
Black walnut is very high on a compound known for his antibacterial properties: tannin. It great for prevention against Salmonela, E-coli and other foodborne infections.

Improve cholesterol levels

Black walnuts contain big amount of phytosterols that is extremely beneficial to the human organism because of his effect on the cholesterol absorption. This helps you moderate and lower its level and prevents you from clogged arteries and cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce the risk of Cancer

One of the most important compounds that Black walnut contains is called juglone. It has strong antitumor properties and significantly reduces the growth of Cancer. It’s especially beneficial towards lung, breast, prostate and colon cancer cells. Studies still continues over the possible use of the black walnut on preventing and treating tumors.
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