Healthy alternatives to your favorite junk foods
Healthy alternatives to your favorite junk foods
Sometimes it is hard to digest a healthy diet, especially if at its expense we have to give up our favorite junk foods. But we all know that healthy eating has endless benefits. So, our advice is not to give up your favorite foods but discover their delicious healthy equivalents.

Each of your favorite foods has a useful alternative.

Potato chips

Instead of the harmful potato chips, why do not you prepare zucchini chips, baked potato chips with onion dip and why not add a sweet alternative in the form of banana chips.

French fries

Instead of frying them, why not try to bake them in coconut oil, take advantage of its health attributes and the unique taste it adds to the potatoes.


When you get something sweet, get a fruit with a content of natural sugars. Especially for fall, fresh fruits are strictly recommended, because they boost your immune system.


Your favorite temptation has a number of healthy alternatives – pizza zucchini or eggplants, cauliflower pizza dough to increase your intake of vegetables in your menu and reduce carbohydrates.

Try the raw pizza with a garlic and seeds, spinach pesto, marinated vegetables, coconut flour – just add your favorite ingredients by substituting the main reasons why pizza cannot be a healthy food.


Yes, we know how much you love ice-cream. But we can offer some varieties of a healthier ice-cream, which we ensure you will fall in love – vegan ice-cream, raw banana ice-cream with strawberries, smoothies with ice-cream and maca, raw home-made banana ice cream and much more. Just search for the recopies and try them all!


You just love pasta and you can not remove it from your menu – there is a wide variety of delicious pasta. You can prepare zucchini with cucumbers, carrots, and other vegetables!


Have you prepared banana pancakes?

They are extremely easy and delicious. Bananas make them naturally sweet, so there is no need to add an additional sweetener.

You can also try banana pancakes with blueberries, pancakes with pumpkin, whole-grain pancakes with flax – they are all vegan and gluten-free! You can also make protein pancakes – they are so delicious!

Do you like pudding?

We offer you the next time you make a pudding – make it out from chia seeds, add fruits, coconut chips, oats, raw seeds, and nuts. Mm, how delicious it sounds!


You can easily satisfy your desire for chocolate by eating a few blocks of black natural chocolate. And why not prepare a delicious chocolate dessert?

Try a type of non-gluten chocolate with avocado, raw coconut, and turmeric chocolate truffles, raw chocolate truffles, banana-chocolate rolls, crispy chocolate almond oil, raw chocolate cake, raw homemade chocolate or dietary liquid chocolate?

These are just a few alternatives to your favorite chocolate.
Fizzy drinks

Water is the healthiest drink, but it is a bit difficult for lovers of the traditions.  If you do not love the un-tasty flavor of the water, you can make it sweeter by adding some fresh fruits in it!

Mashed potatoes

Do you like potato puree? You can easily substitute it with cauliflower puree, you will just need carrots and broccoli – and why not adding celery?
An endless list of proofs how delicious and easy a healthy lifestyle can be!  The decision is all yours!
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