Introducing Our New and Improved Plastic Cap!
Introducing Our New and Improved Plastic Cap!
According to Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5th of June 2019, On The Reduction Of The Impact Of Certain Plastic Products On The Environment (full text here), we are taking a bold step forward with the desire to make a long-lasting impact in the food supplement industry.

The main goal of this directive is to decrease plastic waste generated through the rampant usage of disposable plastic products, such as food containers, cups, trays etc. A major issue currently is the widespread usage of plastic bottles. Usually, after they’re used, they’re thrown out. Their caps in particular are often discarded and not recycled, although being 100% recyclable.

The shift towards attached caps is gaining more and more traction, and many food & beverage companies have adopted this principle. By the year 2024, the directive will be in effect and its guidelines will become mandatory.

Following many major global manufacturers, we are implementing a fully attached cap on our food supplement containers. This will not only improve the experience of you, the customer, but will also increase the number of fully recycled plastic containers.

Our new cap is fully attached to the container and is safely sealed through a fully automated production process. The new cap is safe for small children, as it cannot be easily removed and swallowed. Apart from that, it’s 100% leak-proof and travel-friendly. You can see a visual demo below.

Haya Labs’ motto has always been “Be healthy, stay healthy!” When we say healthy, we mean it in every sense of the word. Our goal has always been to improve the quality of life of every single customer. What does that mean?

The way we see it, it means:
  • Providing you with high-quality food supplements
  • Providing valuable information about health, fitness, and wellness
  • Making you feel proud and content with the products you use on a daily basis

Sometimes, however, healthy can be an abstract term.

If the world we live in is healthy, all of us would also be healthy. This is the main reason we’re taking this step. Small changes can have a big impact. We are proud to be among the first food supplement manufacturers to introduce attached caps and we hope that we will help reduce the amount of plastic waste by at least a fraction. Over time, a fraction can become much more!

We created this demo for you:

At Haya Labs, we believe the future will be bright, especially if all of us strive to make a change. We hope that more and more manufacturers will adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

We can’t wait to hear your reviews and opinions once the new batches start filling up the shelves! May the new year bring you joy! Be healthy, stay healthy!


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