Jogging - a guide for beginners
Jogging - a guide for beginners
The feeling that you want to change something in yourself and start a new endeavor overwhelms everyone who has started playing sports. Ambitious to get the dream body, we turn to sports.
For beginners, jogging is a good solution when we want to start an activity. Running would help to lose weight initially, due to the high activity of all muscles that it requires.
Jogging is extremely suitable for the summer months and especially for those who do not like training indoors such as gyms. With this workout, you help the body burn calories and shape the body. It is a good method for those who want to lose a certain weight, sculpt a nice and slender figure, and maintain it afterward.

However, before you start your workouts, you need to pay attention to a few important details that will help you train properly and fully.
In the beginning, you need to start training at a slower pace to adapt your body to the road ahead. This will gradually increase the intensity until you find the best level of the load for your body.
The choice of clothing is also very important for proper training. You need to feel both comfortable and secure in what you are wearing. The right shoes and boots are just as important as warming up.

And once you're ready for your first workout, it's time to warm up. This is one of the most important steps before training, because we move and prepare the body for the upcoming load, protecting ourselves from injuries.
Take about 5-10 minutes to warm up well, prepare your muscles, and get moving. Light aerobic exercises such as stretching are very suitable to prepare the body.
Once you have finished warming up, you can start your workout. Start with a light walk, gradually increasing the pace. Then alternate fast walking at regular intervals with a light run so that you can control both breathing and exercise and not overdo it from the first workout.

So for about 30 minutes alternate brisk walking with light jogging with an interval of 2 minutes. A good helper for keeping intervals are mobile training applications, so you will be sure that you are doing things right.
After running for at least 30 minutes, it is good to do a few laps at a normal pace to allow your heart to normalize your heart rate.
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