The 12 biggest enemies of the abdominal press
The 12 biggest enemies of the abdominal press
1. Foods with high glycemic index and lowing.

That is, foods that in general increase insulin and blood sugar too much.
In general, foods rich in simple carbohydrates (most processed cereals, pizzas, spaghetti, muffins, chocolates, potatoes, rice, dried fruits and refined sugars and syrups) will always be your enemy in maintaining a low fat percentage. mostly, expressed abdominal press.

2. Maintain consistently high levels of insulin.

Frequent eating, and with foods that raise insulin levels a lot, will never allow you to clear your subcutaneous fat well, not just around the abdominal wall, in all of the problem areas.

This phenomenon is often caused by constant small meals with processed small foods such as chips, sweets and beverages, even dietetic ones without sugar.

3. Blending fast carbohydrates and fats in one meal.

Here is the key to obesity in general. Increasing insulin from fast carbohydrates in the presence of fat in one meal will almost always "cause" fat to accumulate in fat stores, and above your abdominal wall.

4. Hormonal imbalance.

Variable or inadequate levels of various hormones such as cortisol, insulin, sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen), thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, etc. Hormones and their optimal levels will always help you burn fat better and express your press well.

5. Stress.

Stress is a relative term and always leads not only to nervous and mental exhaustion but also to physiological changes that would prevent you from achieving any bodybuilding results. Stress of the body can be caused by sleep deprivation, inadequate work breaks, poor nutrition, mental and nervous harassment, stress from toxic substances in the middle and
many others.

6. Water retention.

Poor water-salt balance and water retention under the skin of the abdominal wall will always make them more difficult to see. Reduce subcutaneous water by identifying possible causes, whether from a food or other source.

7. Alcohol.

Many people mention the calorie of alcohol, but it will not prevent you from achieving or maintaining a well-pressed press. Rather, this will happen because of the extreme sting of your liver to process alcohol.

Even in large quantities, alcohol prevents the liver from doing the thousands of tasks that your metabolism assigns to you. From here, all your endeavors to express your abdominal press will be flawed.

8. Incorrect approach to press training.

Many people are deluding that if you train your abdominal press very hard and constantly, it will melt the abdominal subcutaneous fat. Unfortunately, the body does not work like this. To melt subcutaneous fat from any area is a complex process, and many factors are involved, as well as those listed here.

9. Choose unsuitable exercises.

As mentioned in the above reason, frequent abdominal wall exercises will bring you closer to the target. Rather intensive multi-purpose exercises such as thrust, squatting, pushing, picking, sprinting and more would burn much more calories and have a better effect on thin skin of the abdomen. Once achieved thin skin on the abdomen, all complicated abdominal exercises would make a bigger sense.

10. Lack of aerobics or cardio sessions.

Running and other aerobic loads would always improve fatty melting. Fats are melting faster in the presence of oxygen, which is actually the aerobic workout. Fulfilled by powerful multistage training, your success is safer.

11. Poor genetics.

Here comes the moment where your physiology does not allow you to have a particularly pronounced abdominal press. Do not understand this wrong, expressed press can always be achieved. But in some people, especially those who are prone to filling, fat stores and fat cells themselves (adipocytes) are too many or are capable of retaining many intracellular contents.

There are many receptors on them, and there are many blood vessels in the tissue, which means that they are easy to feed and the effort to melt them will be a lot. In addition, the number of fat cells never diminishes, they are genetically set, you can only reduce their volume. Moreover, if we talk about the abdominal wall muscles themselves, they may have a device not so pronounced and have a "shallow press" or asymmetric.

12. Inconsistency.

As you can see, there are many components for a well-expressed and good press involved in achieving it. But if you do everything in the right way, you only have to be permanent in this process. It's hard to have a beautiful and expressive press, but that's why it always makes a huge impression.
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