The little healthy habits to keep at work
The little healthy habits to keep at work
Having a healthy lifestyle does not mean we have to spend two hours in the gym or eat only salads for lunch. A healthy lifestyle is built up of small habits that need to be practiced every day, says the Huffington Post.
It is no secret that we spend most of our waking state of work. That is why it is important to build small health habits in the hours we are at the desk. This is not about general "healthy eating" and "workouts", but about small things that can fit into any schedule.

1. Bet on the water

A hydrated body is one of the main factors for good physical health. The water will not just hydrate you, but will also protect you from the sugar-free soft drinks. If you need energy in the afternoon, drink a glass of green tea. It is rich in caffeine but has no sugar

2. Organize your time

The pile of tasks on your desk can badly affect your mental health. Take some time to clean up your desk and organize your time. If necessary, list all tasks and prioritize some of them.

3. Use the stairs
If you do not have time for a fitness, it's not an excuse not to be physically active. Forget about the elevator and the escalator. Use the stairs.

4. Do not forget the word "thank you"
You will be surprised at how much the word "thank you" can affect our mood. The word "thank you" not only improves your relationship with your colleagues, it will reduce stress

5. Leave the salt pan
Lunch can be healthier even if you do not carry it from home. One way to do this is by not adding salt to your plate. Drinking too much sodium can increase your blood pressure and put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

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