Why do we lose weight harder after 40?
Why do we lose weight harder after 40?
When a person turns 40, he notices how clearly his metabolism slows down. See why do we lose weight harder after 40?

Hormonal changes

After 40 years there have been many hormonal changes in the body. Some women are gradually entering premenopause, resulting in an imbalance of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This inevitably affects bone strength, muscle performance, body flexibility and overall mood.

Solution: Try a sport that loads you with positive energy. Some try yoga or pilates, others try to clone or even a Zumba.

Slower metabolism
Hormonal changes in the body also affect the metabolism, which after 40 is slowing down. As a result, we see how more fat is accumulated around the waist.

Solution: Do not despair, but stay active to stimulate metabolism. Bet on more cardio exercises, drink more water and watch eating 30-40g of fiber a day.

You lose muscle mass

After 40 the body burns calories slower. The reason - the hormonal imbalance combined with the delayed metabolism we talked about. But when you start a diet, you do not always get rid of excess fat, but you are more likely to start losing weight first and feeling relaxed.

Solution: 2 times a week pick up dumbbells, repeat the exercise 6 times on each hand, and every 30 seconds, make brief pauses. When you shape the muscles, you will see that the body will begin to give up fat.

Less sleep

With the years, hours of sleep are significantly reduced, and insomnia is becoming a problem for many women. As a result, your body does not feel rested enough, and it leads to less energy and accumulation of fatigue that prevents weight loss.

Solution: Create your routine before sleep so the body relaxes. If you have hot flashes, put on a cool shower before going to bed. Alcohol late in the evening is not recommended.

Change in appetite

Speaking of hormonal changes, we should note that there is a change in the levels of the hormone ghrelin responsible for appetite and hunger. After 40 recipients work differently, they send mixed signals, so you may have a lot of food or have no appetite.

Solution: Start keeping a diary. You will see what you consume and whether you get the 20-30g protein per serving.
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