5 health benefits of fresh herbs
5 health benefits of fresh herbs
Make your dishes more delicious and improve your health by adding fresh herbs to the food. Here's how rosemary, parsley, mint, oregano, and thyme have huge benefits to your health.
1. Increase the mental power with rosemary

Here's a great reason to keep aromatic rosemary in your kitchen: Recently, scientists at the Center for Brain Research, Research and Nutrition in the UK reported that there are higher levels of one of the major chemical compounds of this herb that is associated with the speed and accuracy of the cognitive results of the study participants. The higher the level of the compound in the blood, the better the result.
2. Prevent breast cancer with parsley

Add parsley in salads for higher levels of apigenin. Study - in breast cancer prophylaxis studies, shows that when rats with a certain type of breast cancer are exposed to apigenin, they develop fewer tumors and slow down the formation of tumors compared to rats that are not exposed. Apigenin blocks the creation of new blood vessels necessary for the growth and multiplication of tumors.

3. Clean the colon with mint

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects up to 20% of Bulgarians and many more women than men. Last year, scientists from the University of Adelaide in Australia showed how mint helps relieve IBS by activating a channel to combat pain in the colon. It reduces pain, especially those activated by eating chili and mustard.
4. Fight inflammation with oregano

Research in the National Academy of Sciences' research shows that when mice with inflamed paws are treated with active ingredient(E-BCP), the swelling subsides in 70% of the cases. E-BCP binds the structures in the membrane of the cell, suppressing the production of substances that signal inflammation.
5. Take antioxidants of fresh thyme

Sprinkle salmon or chicken with fresh thyme: Among fresh herbs, thyme has the second highest amount of antioxidants (sage a little more), according to the oxygen radical absorption capacity - a measure of the ability of the food to fight with free radical diseases. Thyme is also a very good source of vitamins A and C, as well as iron and dietary fiber.
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