New Product! Green Tea from Haya Labs!
New Product! Green Tea from Haya Labs!
Haya Labs is proud to announce the launch of a new variant in the green tea category, aligning health and festivity this season. Haya Labs Green Tea aims at popularising green tea and making it accessible to a wide range of consumers, keeping tea drinkers revitalized and active throughout the day.  
With the growing consciousness towards wellness, consumers are embracing a healthy lifestyle and have included green tea as a part of their daily diet to keep themselves active and rejuvenated. Haya Labs Green Tea aims to balance the overindulgence of the festive season and is tailored to be the preferred natural beverage that cleanses your body. 
At Haya Labs, we have always believed in making our products accessible to all consumer segments and we echo this with the launch of Haya Tea by offering a well-priced package along with wellness. The Haya Labs Tea offers distinguished taste coupled with wellbeing, resonating with the diverse set of consumers.
Haya Labs has been the choice for millions of customers for its quality, variety, and price. Neatly packaged in a compact pack of 20, Haya Labs Green Tea is specially crafted keeping in mind, the original taste, balancing seamlessly with the healthy lifestyle that consumers embrace today. The invigorating green tea blends with a wide set of antioxidants provides superior taste and health in a cup.
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