The 10 most obvious mistakes that women make in the gym
The 10 most obvious mistakes that women make in the gym
1. Daily performance of the same exercises
If you do not have enough time in the gym or you are not lucky enough to get an experienced and conscientious coach, you may not know that when the muscles get tired, they need time to relax and recover.

If you train them every day or too often, you do not give them time to recover and therefore they will never gain more strength and tone. Each muscle group needs a minimum of 48 hours of rest, even more.
Rest is just as important as training.

2. Fear of Weights
It looks like a lot of women still are afraid of the myths that they will become too big if they lift weights.

Girls, you will never turn into "The Incredible Hulk" if you're just lifting weights.

Of course, you'll probably get rid of a certain amount of subcutaneous fat, but what will show up below them? You will continue to feel fat and relaxed.

Strength training helps women get sexy shoulders and arms, tight thighs, raised thighs, flat stomachs, and a whole appealing vision. Not to mention the fact that the more muscles you gain, the more calories you will burn.
Muscle tissue is "greedy". You may be able to consume more calories with impunity if you work hard with weights. You can even improve bone density and thus facilitate the fight against osteoporosis.

3. Restrict the water

This is not just about women. You will rarely see someone drinking water as much as you need. If you pay attention to the competitors who train alongside you, however, you will notice that they drink plenty of water.

Why is water intake so important?

During exercise, we sweat and lose many fluids. If we are not hydrated enough, fatigue will happen much faster. In addition, the water clears the accumulated toxins. In turn, it helps maintain healthy joints and speeds up metabolism. It relieves fatigue and prevents the potential danger of dizziness due to dehydration of the body.

4. Cardio, cardio and again cardio ..
Excessive and long cardio workouts increase cortisol levels in the body. This leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue. The less muscle mass, the slower the metabolism.
Of course, every organism is different and reacts in its own way.

It will take some time to express yourself until you find out what's best for you.

5. Incorrect technique in exercising the exercise

Pulling a vertical pile with a wide grip in front of the neck we have noticed a lot of technical mistakes in the performance of the exercise in men, but we see many women who repeat the same mistake. In this exercise, pulling is primarily at the expense of the broad back muscles.
Imagine stress comes from the back, not from the hands.

This will maximize the isolation of biceps participation. Do not pull the pulley lever tightly against the neck or low towards the abdomen. Try to touch the upper chest. For this, it is good to move forward slightly in the extreme position.

End of part 1.
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