The unsuspected benefits of Dimethylglycine
The unsuspected benefits of Dimethylglycine
Dimethylglycine is an amino acid that until years ago was misclassified as a vitamin. However, this does not make it less useful for our body, on the contrary, it affects many processes in the body and significantly supports health. We at the Haya Labs team decided to introduce you to one of the more unsuspected but powerful benefits of Dimethylglycine.


Dimethylglycine is an extremely powerful stress reliever. It helps the body acclimatize to a range of physical and emotional situations and helps reduce stress hormones. Increases energy and prevents depletion of valuable nutrients in the body due to physical stress. In addition, Dimethylglycine promotes restful sleep and reduces fatigue. It has a positive effect on mood and has known antidepressant properties.


One of the lesser known features of Dimethylglycine is its ability to affect metabolism. It has an exceptional effect on the metabolism and absorption of useful substances. Dimethylglycine also regulates the production of important hormones and vitamins involved in the repair of DNA cells.

Suitable for allergies

Dimethylglycine is probably one of the last nutritional supplements we think of during an allergy. However, it works extremely well in such conditions and is a particularly suitable preventive, especially during the spring season. Soothes symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, and rash, and helps the allergy to progress more quickly and smoothly. Due to its stimulating effect, it reduces the feeling of exhaustion and lack of energy caused by the symptoms.

Stimulates the immune system

This is perhaps one of the most famous functions of Dimethylglycine. It is a strong immunostimulator, as it protects the body from all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This makes it extremely suitable for people with immunosuppressive diseases. Especially recommended during the winter season, Dimethylglycine acts preventively against flu. It supports the immune system at a cellular level, making it a great choice when you need something quality and useful.

Slows down aging

A general function of Dimethylglycine is to support the healthy functioning of the body. It can therefore be considered to slow down aging as it reduces stress and protects the cardiovascular system. In this way, it improves the quality of life and its duration. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect and reduces the negative influence of the environment, protecting cells from aging.

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