Surprising reasons for gaining extra pounds
Surprising reasons for gaining extra pounds
If you've begun to take more calories than usual and, at the same time, do the workouts, you should not be surprised if the scale shows bigger numbers. But what if you do everything like before and your weight does not stop growing?

It is time to dive a little deeper into this topic and find the answer to the question, "Why?"
Lack of sleep

There are two things that are closely related to weight gain and sleep - first, if you are late for work, the chances of taking a healthy breakfast are decreasing more and more. Another reason is related to what happens to your body while you are sleeping. Changes in hormone levels increase hunger and appetite and make you feel uncomfortable even after eating.


Cortisol, also known as the "stress hormone", is secreted, which leads to increased appetite. The combination of hunger and stress leads to only one thing - a desire for sweet and greasy food, which in turn increases the numbers on the scales.

Taking antidepressants

The undesirable side effect of some antidepressants is weight gain. Talk to your doctor about making changes to your treatment plan if you think taking a specific antidepressant causes unwanted weight gain.

But never stop or change the medicine on your own prescription!

Medicines that can cause unwanted weight gain

Several other prescription drugs are associated with weight gain. The list includes antipsychotic medicines (used to treat disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), along with medicines to treat a migraine, seizures, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Do not rush to blame the pills

Contrary to popular belief, combined birth control pills do not prove that they cause permanent weight gain. It is believed that some women taking this kind of pills can accumulate extra pounds, which is related to fluid retention, but this is usually short-term.

Do not blame menopause

Most women gain weight during menopause, but probably hormones are not the only cause. Aging slows down your metabolism, so you burn fewer calories. And changes in lifestyle (such as less frequent fitness) play a role.

Refusal of cigarettes

Cessation of smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. When you stop, you can gain some weight, but maybe less than you think. On average, people who stop smoking fill up to less than 10 pounds. You need to stop feeling more hungry in a few weeks, which will help you lose weight more easily.

Rule 1: If you accumulate unnecessary weight ...

Do not stop taking any medicines without consulting your doctor. Take the medicine with all its drawbacks, because sometimes these medicines can be life-sustaining.

Rule 2: If you accumulate excess weight ...

Do not compare with other people taking the same medicine. Not all people experience the same side effects. Even if a medicine causes you to lose extra pounds to someone else, it may not be true for you.

Rule 3: If you accumulate excess weight ...

Remember, if weight gain is just by water retention, it's not a constant weight or fat. Once you have finished taking your medicine or your condition is under control, the swelling of fluid retention may be relieved.

Most of all - move! Do not forget that the root of any healthy weight loss is the movement! Do not be static and do not hurry to blame the side factors in your life for gaining - the most common reason is within you!.
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